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A beginning.

We were founded in Fall 2018, as a member of the TechShift Alliance. We attended their summit in January and are now an official club at NYU.

A change-maker.

We seek to empower NYU’s network to leverage their skils by collaboratively taking action, through partnering with local organizations to make differences, and by exposing students to opportunities that make sustainable impacts.

A force for good.

While other clubs foster an environment to hone computer science skills, NYU CS+Social Good is a platform for anyone at NYU to make a tangible impact on the community around us.

Meet our team

Co-founder Sudarshini Tyagi

Sudarshini Tyagi is a Masters student at Courant Institute NYU studying Computer Science. She originally hails from India where she received her undergraduate degree, also in CS. She is constantly on the lookout for people who share the same drive to give back to society; one day she'll sit down with these people to solve the biggest problems of the society.

Director of Projects Rohit Nawani

Hi! I am a student from Hong Kong majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I get easily distracted by anything data-related, especially data {visualisation, science, engineering}. Computer Science fascinates me with its limitless applications across various domains, but its benefits seem unknown to many organisations and individuals, including my younger self!

Director of Partnerships Rachel Wu

As a senior pursuing a major in Honors Communications and a business minor, I have fostered my passion for the tech industry by spending all three summers of university scaling a high growth startup. Last year, I was thrilled to hear about CS+Social Good founding a chapter at NYU, where I now have the opportunity to pursue my interest in tech and social impact outside of work. At NYU, I am also captain of the NCAA D1 Fencing Team and a Leadership Program Coordinator for the Academic Affairs Office. With this team, I look forward to realizing our vision to make a difference here on campus, in NYC, and beyond!

Director of Communication Ivanna Pena

When I tell people I’m majoring in Computer Science and Social & Cultural Analysis, their reaction is usually “how do those fit together?” or “how did you come up with that?”. I think people have grown so accustomed to tech being attached to something negative, that they’ve overshadowed its ability to facilitate social change and propagate social good. CS + Social Good is my way of combating that stereotype, and using tech for good while helping others do the same. In my free time, I love learning obscure parts of songs on the piano, solving my miniature Rubik's Cube, and roaming through the stacks at The Strand.

Project Specialist Connie Zhou

Connie is a junior at Tandon studying computer science with minors in mathematics and integrated digital media. She has experience doing full stack web development and android mobile development from various internships and hackathons. Currently she has an interest in data science and machine learning.

Project Specialist Shailesh Vasandani

I was born in Cebu, Philippines, and grew up in Perth, Australia. For years, I've immersed myself in code and design, learning all the way. I currently live in New York City, where I attend NYU as a Computer Science major. I take pride in using what I've learned to help others, particularly in the social good space.

Communication Team Joe Abraham

Hi, I’m Joe! I am a junior at CAS majoring in math and computer science. My interests right now include reinforcement learning for game bots and deep learning stock market models. I am always looking for book recommendations, so reach out if you find something interesting. Here at CS+Social Good I am writing about hot button issues within artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science.

Events Team Hui Wen

Hui Wen is a Tandon sophomore studying Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. She sees beauty in the intersection of numbers and programming, and hopes to use her expertise in these areas to contribute to society. In CS+Social Good, she aims to spread this passion to encourage many more like-minded people to join her in this mission. Outside being a math nerd, she loves playing various instruments, food hunting, cute stuffed animals, and more food (she does come from Malaysia - so food is a must!).

Director of Events Elina Yu

When I first heard that a new club called CS+Social Good was forming at NYU, I jumped at the chance to get involved. As someone who studies Computer Science with a minor in Sociology, I am always interested in approaching technology through a socially-conscious lens. I love leading the events team and putting together exciting and thought-provoking content for our members. Outside my time in school and as a part of this organization, I love dancing hip-hop and urban choreo, doing embroidery, and watching great tv shows.

Events Team Amber Teng

Hi! I’m a grad student in CDS studying Data Science, with a focus on NLP. I'm really excited about the intersection between technology and social good, and in my free time I enjoy going to the gym, exploring restaurants, and reading. Please feel free to reach out if you want to talk about data science and tech!

Communication Team Aisha Manojkumar

Aisha is a junior in CAS studying Computer Science with a minor in Data Science. She is on the Communications Team and manages the CS+Social Good @ NYU Instagram and Facebook pages. Currently, she is interested in researching how to make technology more accessible to people with disabilities. Her other interests include making mood boards and going to concerts.

Resume Workshop

Upcoming Event

Time:November 11th

Location:Leslie E-lab

Description: Resume workshop led by Meghan Duffy

A.I. For Anyone

Past Event

Time:September 30th

Location: Leslie E-lab

Description: Guest Speaker: Haroon Choudery (Co-Founder, A.I. for Anyone). Hear about Haroon's work with A.I. For Anyone and learn more about the club and our current social good projects.

Resources: Slide Deck